Aimily: mobile app

Aimily is a goal setting app, that also deals with personal fulfilment and general happiness.

The main app goal is to help the user to set SMART personal and work tasks, helping them to get smoothly through the process, so that, once the goals are achieved, there is a nice sense of reward.

MY ROLE: UX/UI designer

TOOLS: Figma

DATE: July 2021 - May 2022

Screens created by the rest of the team, before I joined

My contribution

I joined the team of Aimily App just before the product was launched on the Apple and Google Play stores.

My contribution so far has been to work on user research, in order to understand what are the premium features users would pay for, and to design and test some new screens.

User research

In order to get a feedback on the goal-setting process and to decide what premium features to develop, I conducted some zoom interviews among people within our target group.

What interviewee seemed to appreciate the most was the possibility to customise the process, define all the details about the goal-achievement process and also the option to get motivational messages on the way.
To have a customisable goal category, different from "business", "fitness" or the other ones, was also considered a big plus.

In conclusion, the key element we needed to work on to design premium features is customisation.

Although, most of the interviewees didn't know what a SMART goal is, and since this is the base of the whole app, we decided fist to design new screens that would explain it to the user, before setting the goal, in a nice and fun way.

New screens

I decided to design new screens that the user could view as a small presentation, just swiping cards and getting through the concept of SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based.
Another team member suggested to present them as a menu, instead, and let the user the option to click on each card to get further information.

I designed both options and then did an A/B testing session, to see the users' reaction.

During the process of goal setting, the app asks the user if the goal is SMART, so it's also possibile to click YES and go directly to the next steps.

In option B, there is a menu with the 5 words that form the acronym SMART and the user can choose if click on each word or just on one of them.

A/B testing

I conducted a session of A/B testing, through zoom interviews, to see the users' reaction to the 2 options and make a decision about what was best.

Some of the users appreciated option A, because they found the swiping cards very clear and intuitive, while for them option B required a step more, which wasn’t appreciated.

Most of the users, instead, preferred option B, because they found that option A, with this sort of presentation, was too similar to an onboarding - which at that point of the process was not appreciated - and too long. They liked the possibility to have an overview on the five words, thanks to the menu, and be free to choose if get further explanation on the single word.

So we decided to develop option B.

The work is still in progress.

Once the user clicks on "I don't know", with option A the swiping cards appear and the user can go through them, exactly as in a presentation.