Malimo: e-commerce redesign

MALIMO is a German cloths brand with a sustainable and fair production chain. The beautiful design is made even more valuable by the ethic goal of the project.

I gave myself the brief to redesign their e-commerce in order to increase the number of purchases, through a better communication of the brand values and an improved user experience.

MY ROLE: UX/UI designer

TOOLS: Figma

DATE: July 2020

Pictures and logo by MALIMO

The problem

The brand doesn’t express clearly its values online and this could affect the sales.

Their style is very strong, but it took me a while to discover that Malimo has a fair production chain based in Mumbai and they also cooperate with Eden Project, so for every purchase trees are planted in Nepal and Madagascar. They also use recycled packaging materials.

Especially in Berlin many people care a lot about the environment and they try to to buy responsibly as much as possible, so I thought that communicating that more could only be an advantage.

UX Analysis

I took some time to have a look at the website and get a more precise idea of what was missing.

User research

It was very important to understand better the target group, so I launched an online survey.
Here's what I found out:

I asked 8 people to go through the whole buying process: pick up a jacket or a T-shirt and get till the end (without making the payment, unless they actually wanted to).
After that, I asked them some questions. Here's what I got:

I was finally able to get to know my user user Personas: Connie and Tara.

Problem statement and project goal

To find a good brand, with an ethical and green production process, is hard.

To communicate it better would increase the number of purchases.

Site structure

I started working on a new site structure: it was important to make it simpler, just the essential points in the main menu and everything very clear and easy to find, especially the About part needed a different organisation.


Once I had the structure clear in my mind, I started doing some rudimental sketches.


I still needed to do a couple of tryings, especially for the home page. I wanted to find the best solution to show all the important information at a first glance.
I decided to leave just the option SHOP in the main menu and all the collections as a subitem of it, in order to have a clean and smooth experience.

Typography and colours


Time to have fun with the screens!

Scrolling and then hovering on each of the 3 images, the visitor can IMMEDIATELY discover all about the brand values.
Otherwise, they can click on ABOUT and see the 3 pictures with a short explanation, that already contains all the important info about the brand values: the 10 trees planted, the fair production chain and the use of recycled packaging materials.


I repeated the test and here's what I got:

Before starting this work, I read a lot and went through sooo many case studies: I was a bit concerned by the idea of working on an existing project, but then it was actually really fun and I am satisfied with the result: the new design seems to make things clearer and to be more effective!
Hope you enjoyed my work!